JCI Central Park – Helsinki is taking part of many international activities throughout the year, including twinning activities and international meetings
Twinning activities in JCI Central Park

JCI Central Park has very active Twinning network with three JCI local organizations:

  • JCI Kennemerland from the Netherlands
  • JCI Brügge from Belgium
  • JCI Béziers from France
The Twinning activities started with JCI Kennemerland and JCI Brügge already 10 years ago and the activities include Twinning weekends, common projects and get-togethers during international conferences. One of the traditions is the yearly Twinning weekend where each local organization at a time invites other members to join their hometown for a weekend full of activities. The weekend includes company visits, country traditions, team activities and relaxed networking throughout the weekend.

One of the most recent activities in 2020 was a Twinning online project which was implemented once the face-to-face meeting had to be cancelled. The online project gathered together the members to join fun team activities and brainstorm a project plan which can be implemented in post-covid world.
Other international activities in JCI Central Park

Many of the members of JCI Central Park take part in international events including JCI European Conference and JCI World Congress and other trainings or academies abroad. In November 2019 more than 15 members participated in JCI World Congress in Tallinn. In 2020 many of the international events have moved online which makes it even easier to attend.

JCI Central Park aims to organize a few trainings and events in English throughout the year. Examples from 2020: Work and Business Abroad webinar, Introduction to Service Design and Storytelling in Business online training.

JCI members Visiting Finland

If you are a JCI member and visiting Finland/Helsinki feel free to contact us! Would be great to get to know you and grow the international network by meeting up.

Please drop an email to and for more information.
English speaking local organizations in Helsinki Capital Area

JCI Central Park is Finnish speaking local organization, but we love to get to know people from different countries and different cultures. However, if you are looking for completely English speaking local organization to join as a member you should reach out to JCI Cosmopolis
Contact us!

The best way to contact us is to drop an email to our president.

Tuulia Kuusinen

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