Twinning Online Project: Presentation of solutions

20:30 - 22:00
Twinning Online Project: Presentation of solutions

✨Welcome to take part to Twinning Online Project organized by international-multi-twinning chapters JCI Keskuspuisto, JCI Kennemerland, JCI Brügge and JCE Béziers.✨

The project consist of 3 online events (and teamwork sessions). The aim is to find innovative ways to organize the JCI activities and support the local society during and right after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The third and final event is Presentation of solutions 4.6.2020 at 20:30-22:00
• Final meeting for all the participants. Each team will present their solutions and suggestions to others the way they want (PP presentation, video etc.)
• During the meeting there is also time to discuss about the proposed solutions.
• The presentations and results will be shared with each chapter.

👉 More information about the full project, activities and registration:

All events will be held through online platform and will be in English.