Twinning Online Project: Gaming and team building evening

20:30 - 22:00
Twinning Online Project: Gaming and team building evening

✨Welcome to take part to Twinning Online Project organized by international-multi-twinning chapters JCI Keskuspuisto, JCI Kennemerland, JCI Brügge and JCE Béziers.✨

This is a great opportunity for each participant to grow the international network and get to know people from other Twinning chapters. We’ll have fun activities like gaming night as well as workshops and teamwork sessions to find best practices to tackle the COVID-19 locally.

The project consist of 3 online events (and teamwork sessions).The aim is to find innovative ways to organize the JCI activities and support the local society during and right after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first event is Gaming and team building evening 3rd of May at 20.30-22.00
• A fun kick off event with all the JCI members wishing to participate the project.
• Participants will be divided into smaller teams beforehand (around 5 people in each team, hopefully 1 (or 2) person from each chapter).
• Mik from JCI Kennemerland will plan gaming/puzzle activities in order to help people to get to know other Chapter members and especially people in their team.

👉 More information about the full project, activities and registration:
👉 Registration closes 1st of May 2020 ❗️

All events will be held through online platform and will be in English.