JCI Capital Area Debating Club (March ’20)

19:00 - 21:00
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JCI Capital Area Debating Club (March ’20)

Tervetuloa debattikerhoon, tapahtumaan ei tarvitse erikseen ilmoittautua, voit vain tulla paikalle! Tapahtuma facebookissa, sinne pääset klikkaamalla tästä. 

Welcome to practice your debating and public speaking skills or join us as a member of the audience!

The JCI Capital Area Debating Club is open for all JCI members and trial members of the capital area chambers – also visitors from other chambers are welcome. The purpose of the club is practice debating together. There will be a short presentation of the rules in the beginning of each session each time there are new debaters joining. In case there are no non-Finnish speakers participating a specific practice session the meeting will be held in Finnish, otherwise we will be speaking English.

The club gathers together once a month in Helsinki city center area. The time for the next session is agreed in the previous session. Participants can join for a specific session or choose to practice their debating skills in a more regular manner joining the monthly sessions.

Motions are brainstormed together and the day’s motion is chosen randomly. The roles of the chairperson, judges, timekeeper and debaters (captain, 1st speaker, 2nd speaker) are chosen randomly and depending on the amount of the participants – however in such a manner that over the course of the time all participants get to practice each role.

Through having practiced debating skills among the members of the capital area, a long-term goal of the club is to have a Finnish team winning the JCI European or World Championship in Debating by 2023.

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