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Lasten Festarit 2013 -tekijätiimi
Lasten Festarit 2013 -team

Or as in Finnish: Keskuspuiston Nuorkauppakamari (KePu)

We are active in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and are a part of the Junior Chamber International. Members of Central Park Junior Chamber (JCI Keskuspuisto) are a part of an active network that aims to have a positive impact on the society via projects, events and trainings.

Examples of projects organized by JCI Keskuspuisto are Joulupuu, Enter Business Helsinki and Lasten Festarit. The collaboration extends to embassies and political leaders, however, in accordance of the non-political principal of the organisation.

Entrepreneurship is close to the hearts of the members of JCI. One third of the members work as partners or entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is natural that Central Park Junior Chamber has a seat in the Board of the HUK (organisation for the new businesses in Helsinki).

Junior Chamber International

Everybody has their own reasons to be a member of the JCI-organisation. Some of the most common reasons include the desire to create a unique network for both business and social life, educate oneself, do something socially remarkable, find ways for internationalization and – for some – get involved in great parties among the members. Many have found the membership of JCI a natural way to get to know people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs with over 200 000 active JCI members and even more of JCI alumni. In order to stay as a network for young adults, the age limit for members is 40. JCI members contribute to the advancement of the global community by creating positive changes in approximately 6 000 communities in more than 100 nations worldwide.

JCI’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.

What is JCI all about?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: JCI is the perfect organization to help you be a better entrepreneur. Beyond the worldwide networking group, in addition to the training seminars and programs, JCI offers something even more fantastic. That is the opportunity to develop real skills that will help you grow and manage your business. By taking part in JCI activities, you develop alternate skill sets that will help you as your business grows

LEADERSHIP: The world needs principled leaders more than ever. JCI has a 60 year history of developing leaders. Our unique approach to providing hands on leadership opportunities combined with specialized leadership training seminars and programs positions us as a worldwide leader in our market.

MANAGEMENT: We all want to move ahead. By participating in JCI activities our members have the opportunity to round out their skill set. Improved skills equal improved opportunities for career advancement and promotion. There is no better experiential way to learn how to better manage an organization than by being involved with your local chapter and local projects.

TRAINING: Have you always dreamed of being a professional trainer? Look no further than the University Established specifically to develop professional trainers, the University has more than 15 years developing top quality trainers.

Contact us!

The best way to contact us is to drop an email to pres@keskuspuisto.org.

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JCI Keskuspuisto - Helsinki

JCI Central Park – Helsinki
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