Japanin katastrofi – Voit auttaa myös JCI Operation Hopen kautta

"The day immediately following the earthquake, I have already opened the Disaster Countermeasures and Relief Center at the office of JCI Japan in Tokyo. By utilizing our JCI Japan network, we are supporting the relief activities in those areas in need, every day. We, as JCI Japan, will continue to garner useful information and will support the ongoing recovery of the damaged areas in every way possible."

Masaoki Fukui Chairman, JCI Japan Disaster Countermeasures and Relief Center, and National President, JCI Japan.

Lue Masaoki Fukuin viesti kokonaisuudessaan http://www.jci.cc/guests/en/18074/JCI-Members-Commit-to-Recovery-in-Japan

Voit auttaa heitä toimimaan lahjoittamalla JCI Operation Hope -rahastoon, lisätietoa www.jci.cc intrasta.

Suomessa voi lahjoittaa mm. Punaisen Ristin katastrofirahastoon http://lahjoita.fi/lahjoitukset/kertalahjoitus