JCI Mariehamn training weekend – JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer

Time: 15th – 17th of August

Place: holiday village Övernäsgården in Mariehamn, www.overnasgarden.ax 

Headcoach: ITF trainer Timo Holopainen

Registration: Register yourself for the courses at JCI:s international website www.jci.cc, where you also can read more about the courses. Book your accommodation through JCI Mariehamn, e-mail: registration(at)jcimariehamn.ax

Brochures: Training weekend brochure, Already a trainer?


JCI Mariehamn invites you to take part of the JCI Presenter or/and JCI Trainer courses the 15-17th of August in a relaxing and nice setting by the sea. Headcoach for the weekend is the ITF trainer Timo Holopainen.

At the courses you’ll learn among other things techniques to present your message and how to keep the attention of the audiences. If you want to become a certified JCI trainer, these courses are the cornerstones. To ensure accomodation at this location, please inform about your participation not later than 1 month prior to the courses. Let us also know if you have special wishes about room mates and diet.

* Please note that this is the only place to do JCI Presenter or/and JCI Trainer courses still this year in Finland. Otherwise you’ve to travel to other countries in Europe, where they’ve this training or to World Conference in India./ Huom! Tämä on ainoa paikka suorittaa JCI Presenter ja/tai JCI Trainer Suomessa tänä vuonna. Muussa tapauksessa joutuu matkustamaan muualle tai Maailmankokoukseen Intiaan!