Regards from Debbie

Dr. Debbie Swallow is preparing next editon of her book Culture Shock
Finland and Debbie wants to hear your stories… and possibly publish

She is looking for some new stories and anecdotes to freshen-up the
book, and that people would allow her to use. She would love to hear from anyone who has a little story about how foreigners ’got it wrong’.- misunderstandings, different
assumptions, etc. Anything from food, language, sauna, working
practices, IT, mobile phones – anything!

She would especially appreciate any insights from Finns about how
foreigners adjust or not to life in Finland or…. any insights related
to topics below.

The only trouble is that the time is limited. So, you need to act NOW !
and send your stories to or lastest on
April 10.

5 Signed copies of new Culture shock Finland books will be raffled among
the story senders.

Additional topics

*1)* Expand on how Finland welcomes, or rejects foreigners who want to
live and work there

*2)* Short list of famous Finns and why they are famous (1-2 lines)

*3)* Explain significance and impact on Finland at the loss of Vyborg
briefly –

*4)* Provide information on the significance of colours and symbols on
Finland’s flag, what occassions the flag is raised or lowered

*5)* Expand information on the /Aurora Borealis/ i.e. where one can view
it from, what seasons/times of the year it can be seen, folklore and
legends, tips on how to photograph the /Aurora/

*6) Socialising with the Finns: *what is expected of you as a guest.
Do’s and Don’ts. What do Finns appreciate?

* 7) *Touch on alternative lifestyles e.g. gays/lesbians and other
subcultures that might have sprung up amongst young Finns, and Finland’s
reaction towards them.

*8)* Are there any new ’trends’ or lifestyle patterns that are
developing, especially amongst the new generation of Finns?

*9)* More pictures of traditional Finnish cuisine needed. Elaborate on
the definitive aspects of Finnish food culture like reindeer meat (since
it is not commonly consumed outside of Finland, any descriptions of how
it tastes, or tips and pointers on how to cook it?)

*10)* Some information on places to buy food (supermarkets,
marketplaces) would be useful.

*11)* Any colloquial aspects of Finnish that one should learn to
use/take note of?